ugg classic short State says ballet school founder will not face criminal charges following alleged sexual assault

black uggs uk State says ballet school founder will not face criminal charges following alleged sexual assault

In mid December of 2017, the Anchorage Police Dept. sent out a public request for information about Canale and any additional victims who might have had an experience similar to Icet’s.

But in January, following investigations, the Dept. of Law released a statement saying the State would likely be unable to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“This in no [sic] ways implies that Mr. Canale’s conduct is not of concern,” the letter, from Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth and Asst. District Attorney Andrew Grannik to APD Det. Brett Sarber, said. “But based on my detailed review of the investigation and all available evidence, the state will be unable to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Therefore,” the letter continues, “the State will not be initiating a prosecution against Mr. Canale.”

A post Icet shared on her Facebook profile prompted numerous women to come forward with their own accounts of sexual misconduct by Canale, both on and off school grounds.

“A little bit of it kind of falls on all of us,” said Aurora Milam, a former instructor at the school. “We knew that there was a problem. It’s a long,
ugg classic short State says ballet school founder will not face criminal charges following alleged sexual assault
hard, difficult road, and sometimes it’s easier to just get out of the way.”

As for Icet, she has since departed from the Anchorage Ballet and said she will be focusing on her nursing career.

“I told someone after the production that, ‘I know you’re happy to see me do this (performance), but I’m not going to do ballet anymore, and this is why.’

“I drove over on (that) Monday,” she continued. “Couldn’t muster the courage to go into the studio. Came back Tuesday and left a withdrawal slip, which said, ‘sexual coercion by Michelangelo.’ Afterwards someone in the parking lot came up to me and said, ‘He’s been touching me too.'”

Milam said Icet, who she taught during her time at the school, has been the first to publicly decry sexual misconduct by Canale,
ugg classic short State says ballet school founder will not face criminal charges following alleged sexual assault
but that she’s hardly the only one who left because of his behavior.

ugg boots glasgow State reports possible case of hepatitis A in Mapunapuna

classic uggs sale State reports possible case of hepatitis A in Mapunapuna

The Hawaii Department of Health is investigating another possible case of hepatitis A involving a restaurant worker.

Health officials say the individual worked as a food service employee at Wah Kung Restaurant on Mapunapuna Street during the potential infectious period from Dec. 1, 2017 to Jan. 6, 2018. They are providing the information to prevent possible new cases.

“Given the clinical and laboratory findings, we suspect this individual may be infected with hepatitis A,” said state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park. “Because of the limited two week window to prevent infection among those potentially exposed, we are alerting the public as a precaution. We encourage people to take appropriate action to protect their health and prevent possible new cases in our community.”

The virus is found in the stool of people with hepatitis A infection and is usually spread through close personal or sexual contact as well as by consuming contaminated food or drinking water.

Symptoms of hepatitis A infection include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort, dark urine, diarrhea, and yellow skin and eyes.

Health officials say vaccination provides the best protection. The public should frequently wash hands with soap and warm water after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, and before preparing food to help prevent the spread of hepatitis A. Appropriately cooking foods can also help prevent infection.
ugg boots glasgow State reports possible case of hepatitis A in Mapunapuna

ugg short leather boots State Police welcomes 97 new cadets at Police Academy graduation

ebay ugg boots size 6 State Police welcomes 97 new cadets at Police Academy graduation

HARRISBURG Tyree C. Blocker announced today that 97 cadets graduated from the State Police Academy in Hershey and have been assigned to troops across the commonwealth. The men and women represent the 150thgraduating cadet class.

The ceremony at Bishop McDevitt High School marked the culmination of 27 weeks of classroom and physical training. Cadet Andrew M. Merced, from Dauphin County, spoke on behalf of the graduating class.

The American Legion Award, presented to the most outstanding cadet in recognition of all around academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications: Grant W. Ralston, Centre County

The Colonel Ronald L. Sharpe Award, presented to the cadet who most exemplifies the qualities of leadership: Cadet Andrew M. Merced, Dauphin County

The Colonel John K. Schafer Award,
ugg short leather boots State Police welcomes 97 new cadets at Police Academy graduation
presented to the cadet who achieved the highest combined score on a series of physical skills tests: Jeffrey S. Beal, Jr., Bedford County

The Commissioner Daniel F. Dunn Award, presented to the cadet who earned the highest level of academic achievement in the class: Andrew M. Merced, Dauphin County

The Sergeant Charles B. Gesford Award, presented to the cadet who scored the highest on the department’s pistol qualification course: Tony J. Anthony, Westmoreland County

The Colonel Paul J. Chylak Award, presented to the cadet who demonstrated the highest proficiency in driver safety training: Rodd J. Furlough, Jr., Allegheny County
ugg short leather boots State Police welcomes 97 new cadets at Police Academy graduation

office uggs State Police Surround Saegertown Home

ugg earmuff State Police Surround Saegertown Home

: Details have been released involving the Saegertown Standoff. According to PA State Police in Meadville, Police responded to a domestic incident at the residence around noon. Troopers arrived to find the suspect armed with a rifle. resulting in a standoff lasting several hours and blocking traffic. The state police emergency response team entered the residence and found the suspect. a 33 year old male. deceased from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Traffic has been reopened. The incident unfolded at a home on Route 198 between Saegertown and Interstate 79 not far from the Saegertown Elementary School.

Witnesses say police surrounded a home, many of the officers with guns drawn using nearby trees for cover. It believed the police were after a lone male who may have been armed. According to our crew at the scene, police and firefighters who were there appear to have left and roads that were closed have been reopened. However, just before news time, State police told us there are still some units on scene. We have more on this as the information comes in.

The picture above shows the scene on Route 198 between Saegertown and Interstate 79 not far from the Saegertown Elementary School. Police have been on the scene for several hours after surrounding a home there. Many of the officers have guns drawn and are using nearby trees for cover.

It believed that the police are after a lone male who may be armed. We do not know at this point if hostages are involved or what led police to surround the home.
office uggs State Police Surround Saegertown Home

childrens ugg slippers sale State police investigating burglary in Atglen

ugg austraila State police investigating burglary in Atglen

ATGLEN >> State police are searching for two suspects who allegedly stole property from a home in the 100 block of Church Street Jan.

Two individuals entered the residence through an unlocked door and removed several items of clothing, gift cards and a laptop computer, police said.

The suspects, who were last observed fleeing on foot eastbound on Church Street from the area of the residence, are described as a white male in his late 20s, approximately 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing 220 pounds, wearing a camouflage beanie or hat or a hood with camouflage, a long sleeve shirt or jacket and blue jeans; and a white female in her late 20s, approximately 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighing 115 pounds, with brown hair in a bun, wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt, skinny jeans and Ugg style boots, police said.

Anyone who has information about the incident is asked to contact the Pennsylvania State Police Embreeville Barracks at 610 486 6280 and reference the incident number: J03 1502701. Jan. Jan. 14, and then fled in an unknown direction, police said. Jan. 14.

The victim told police she had left her purse on the floor of her vehicle and, when she returned to her vehicle, she found that the passenger side window was smashed and the purse was missing, police said.

Items stolen include credit/bank cards, a driver license and $350 cash, police said. Jan. 14.

The wallet contained $40 cash,
childrens ugg slippers sale State police investigating burglary in Atglen
a $50 gift card, credit cards, a driver license and other personal information, police said. Jan. 17.

Upon arrival, police made contact with William Martoia, 35, of Narvon, Nicole Coleman, 38, of Honey Brook, and Louis Culbertson, 32, of Oregon, Ohio, police said.

Martoia was found to have an active criminal warrant out of Lancaster County for retail theft and Culbertson was found to have three summary traffic warrants out for his arrest, police said.

Coleman and Martoia were both charged with possession of narcotics and paraphernalia, and Martoia was also detained on his warrant, police said.

Culbertson was taken into custody on his warrants and held for constables, police said. Monday, police said.

After a brief vehicle pursuit, police took Jarrett into custody, police said.

Peoples, 24, had an active bench warrant out for his arrest; he was taken into custody and transported back to the Coatesville Police Station without incident,
childrens ugg slippers sale State police investigating burglary in Atglen
police said.

ugg classic chestnut State pheasant index down 26 percent from last year

ugg slippers review State pheasant index down 26 percent from last year

It’s habitat that matters and loss of habitat in the farmland regionshas contributed to a 26 percent decline in Minnesota’s pheasant index compared to last year, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

“There has been a steady decline in undisturbed nesting cover since the mid 2000s, and our pheasant population has declined as a result,” said Nicole Davros, the DNR research scientist who oversees the annual August roadside survey that monitors pheasant population trends. “Although it appeared mild winter weather and dry summer weather might boost our numbers, that wasn’t the case.”

Minnesota has lost about 686,800 acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres statewide since 2007. The program, covered under the federal Farm Bill, pays farmers to remove environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production and restore vegetation that will reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, and provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

The DNR’s August roadside survey for pheasants showed a 26 percent decrease in the overall pheasant index from 2016. This year’s statewide pheasant index was 38.1 birds per 100 miles of roads driven.

All regions had declines in the pheasant index compared to last year except the south central and southeast regions, which remained similar. The highest pheasant counts were in the west central, southwest, and south central regions where observers reported 43 to 55 birds per 100 miles driven. Hunters should find the best hunting opportunities in these regions.

Minnesota’s 2017 pheasant season runs from Saturday, Oct. 14, through Monday, Jan. 1.

Pheasants and grassland habitat

Weather and habitat are the two main factors that drive Minnesota’s pheasant population trends. Although weather causes annual fluctuations in pheasant numbers, nesting habitat is more important for long term trends. Minnesota peaked in nesting habitat acres, particularly CRP, in 2007 but has been experiencing a steady decline annually. The pheasant index and pheasant harvest have declined in response to these habitat losses.

The 2012 version of the Farm Bill called for reduced spending on CRP and a cap of 24 million acres nationwide. The Farm Bill is due to be renewed in 2018, and many conservation groups are asking for enough funding to support 40 million acres of CRP.

The DNR and Minnesota conservation community also are advocating for a Working Lands program associated with CRP that allows grazing and haying of some acres under a conservation plan; and increased state input in determining where those acres should go to achieve the greatest benefits for landowners, wildlife, pollinators and clean water.

Weather conditions and survival

Warm winters usually lead to good hen survival and therefore more nests in the spring; however, the 2017 hen index, at 5.8 hens per 100 miles, was also down 26 percent from last year.

“It’s surprising to see our hen index down this year,” Davros said. “We experienced a pretty mild winter so hen survival should have been good. But the amount of habitat on the landscape makes the difference in the long run, so we may be at the point that good weather just isn’t enough to help us anymore.”

Another key indicator of annual reproduction is the number of broods observed during roadside surveys. The 2017 brood index decreased 34 percent from last year, and the number of broods per 100 hens declined 10 percent from 2016.

Monitoring pheasant population trends is part of the DNR’s annual August roadside wildlife survey, which began in 1955. DNR wildlife managers and conservation officers in the farmland region of Minnesota conduct the survey during the first half of August. This year’s survey consisted of 171 25 mile long routes, with 151 routes located in the pheasant range.

Observers drive each route in early morning and record the number and species of wildlife they see. The data provide an index of relative abundance and are used to monitor annual changes and long term population trends of pheasants, gray (Hungarian) partridge, eastern cottontail rabbits, white tailed jackrabbits, mourning doves and other wildlife. Also recorded in this year’s survey:

The gray partridge index decreased 63 percent from 2016 and was 60 percent below the 10 year average and 90 percent below the long term average.

The mourning dove index decreased 6 percent from 2016 and remained below the 10 year average and long term averages.

The cottontail rabbit index increased 8 percent from 2016 and was 45 percent above the 10 year average and 28 percent above the long term average.

The white tailed jackrabbit index was similar to last year and remains historically low.

The white tailed deer index was similar to 2016 and was 52 percent above the 10 year average and 137 percent above the long term average.
ugg classic chestnut State pheasant index down 26 percent from last year

uggs discount code State of the Union

discounted ugg boots State of the Union

Olivia objects, but Jake points at Cyrus, waiting for her on a park bench nearby, and calls that a “political booty call.” OK.

A few things have changed with Cyrus his doctors have forced him to become a vegetarian, for example but he’s still pretty evil. Government into her corporate bank account. Two minutes into the episode and Liv’s been downgraded to booty calls by Jake and blackmailed by Cy.

Anyway, James and Lisa Elliot (a “hero couple,” according to the newspaper) are supposed to be Fitz’s guests of honor at the State of the Union. It’s an effort to drive home his new commitment to gun control. Problem is, they aren’t returning calls and have missed two flights from New Mexico.

Liv tells Cyrus she isn’t afraid of the IRS, but he knows her too well to give up that easily. He threatens to not only have Fitz call her every day, but to tell Fitz that Olivia’s pining for him, which is seriously messed up.

At OPA, Huck and Quinn give us the rundown on the hero couple. James Elliot was a POW who escaped the Taliban by hiking over a mountain range without water or shoes. He met his wife two years before, when he read to her elementary school class. The school wound up being involved in a shooting that sounds a lot like Newtown. Lisa saved 50 lives before being shot in the spine; she’s now paralyzed from the waist down.

Lisa went to about 29 funerals. Six months afterward, she’d recovered enough to have a “fairy tale wedding” that got major press attention.

When Liv shows up to their New Mexico home (once again, she manages to get clear across the country in what feels like no time), they are having a serious fight. Glasses are thrown, insults are lobbed Lisa even sprays James with a fire extinguisher before Olivia snatches it from her hands.

They are having the problems that you might expect them to have. He resents the amount of care that she requires from him and she’s upset that he’s not more sympathetic to the fact that she’s disabled. Only, this is “Scandal,” so it’s way more intense than that. He says that her wheelchair made her “a star” and that she sits in it and “rules over [her] paralyzed kingdom,” which she dismisses as whining. Naturally, he brings up the fact that the Taliban tortured him, but she’s tired of hearing that line.

Finally, when he tells her that being captured by the Taliban was better than living with her (!), Liv jumps in and demands the floor. The gist of it is that they are needed at the SOTU because they are the face of gun control to the American people, so suck it up.

Back in Washington, the RNC Chairwoman (aka Lizzie Bear) is livid that Fitz is planning on making gun control the centerpiece of his SOTU address, because they are Republicans. Duh. They stayed mum on equal pay and Fitz took it a step further by nominating a Democrat for Attorney General. (Side note: Can you imagine what cable news would be like if this happened in real life? Definite appointment viewing.)

And where is Fitz? In the back of a limo, waiting on Mellie as she lays atop their son’s grave, wearing a bathrobe and Uggs while eating potato chips. I’m glad Fitz is being supportive of Mellie, for once, but this is a disaster waiting to happen. Sure enough, some paparazzi get photos of her and the press starts questioning Mellie’s mental health.

Across town, Jake asks David Rosen to get him info on the deaths of Harrison and Adnan. Glad someone is on it. David says the investigation is clean, but Jake doesn’t trust that it’s factual, especially since Rowan was at Harrison’s funeral. David, his nomination for AG is up for confirmation by the Senate, says he is 1) busy and 2) wary about being “a known associate of a prolific assassin.” Either way, he agrees to try.

Huck and Quinn are alone at OPA; thankfully, their grossness seems to be over, for now. Quinn tries her best to talk to him, giving him the rundown on the awful Elliots and Liv’s request that the two of them babysit the couple at their hotel while Liv does her thing in the press. But Huck’s still intent on freezing her out Good. If I can’t get anyone to kill Quinn, at least Huck can be mean to her.

During a TV interview about the Elliots, Liv’s asked about the state of the first family. She tells the interviewer that “just because a private moment becomes public doesn’t give us the liberty to pass judgment,” which is an issue because it’s the same line she told Cyrus over the phone. He’d fed it to Abby, and once Red saw the TV interview, she calls Liv, reminding her that she doesn’t work there anymore. She then drops the Huck and Quinn slept together bombshell.

Mellie’s on the White House porch, enjoying some fried chicken she had the chef whip up, when Fitz and Cyrus come out to talk to her about the photos in the press. Fitz wants to be gentle, but Cyrus,
uggs discount code State of the Union
frankly, doesn’t have time or patience. There’s a photo of the first lady looking unstable in every newspaper in the country. Fitz makes Cyrus back off and gently asks Mellie to come to the SOTU so that her absence and “state of mind” aren’t up for discussion.

Mellie bursts out laughing and reminds him that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of herand that she isn’t stupid. She knows this is about him. He wants her to play the dutiful wife again, which she isn’t doing.

Fitz leaves and Cyrus grabs a piece of chicken. Mellie reminds him that he’s a vegetarian now, but he shrugs and says that if he dies, he’ll at least be with James. Mellie tells him that their losses are not the same, but he resents being told that losing the love of his life is not as significant as someone losing a child. It’s all so sad. James. Still, Mellie isn’t budging on the SOTU issue.

Back to Jake and that hotel room. Liv asks him to come back to her apartment, but he wasn’t comfortable with living there like some “kept man.” He doesn’t resent being summoned, but she’s free to come to his hotel for booty calls. Never in my life did I imagine that I would hear Scott Foley say the phrase “booty call” this much in one hour.

Lizzie Bear (IDC what her real name is, she’s Lizzie Bear) drops in on Cyrus. Someone slipped a Senator Watson a file on David Rosen, claiming that he beat a woman. It’s basically an attempt at blackmailing David in order to get him to decline the nomination. And where did the file come from? Olivia, years ago. She had Harrison bury it, but somehow, Lizzie dug it up. Once again, David is collateral damage in one of Olivia’s schemes, but this time, he isn’t giving up so easily. Uh oh.

At the Elliot’s hotel, Huck and James are drunk and singing army songs. Quinn shoves Huck into the bathroom to hash things out, but once unsupervised, Lisa stabs James in the leg with a wine bottle opener. Classy. When Liv arrives, James is ready to pack his bags, literally yelling “screw gun control.”

Hours before the SOTU, James starts to do just that, and Olivia tells them the obvious: they need a divorce. They’ll lose their second book deal and have to sell the house, but she’ll spin it for them and get them individual speaking engagements. But if they’re just married for the pay off, she hopes they have miserable lives.

David’s on the dark side now, blackmailing Senator Watson with evidence that he accepted bribes years ago. Naturally, Watson sings David’s praises in the press, which sets off Lizzie and Andrew. More on that later.

Abby’s also on the warpath, but taking a more gentle approach after being reamed out by Cyrus, who informed her that he’s more worried about Mellie not going to the SOTU than he is about Liv failing. She goes up to the East Wing to try to convince the first lady to change her mind.

Well, she plans on it being gentle, until Mellie starts in on her “my kid died, screw all of y’all” thing. Abby snatches her magazine from her hands and reminds her that children sometimes die. Thousands of kids die every year and their parents don’t get to spend weeks mourning and eating chips.

Then she plays the Jackie Kennedy card, reminding Mellie that she stood next to LBJ while he was sworn injust under two hours after her husband was assassinated. If she could do that, then Mellie can get up and show the American people that the First Family is devastated but has not forgotten why they are there. It’s a good speech and shows that she learned more from Olivia than she thought.

Liv drops the Elliots off at the SOTU and is forced by the Secret Service to stick around until Fitz and Abby arrive. Fitz asks everyone to leave the room, including “Gabby.” Liv objects, but he needs to know what she thinks about his speech. She tells him to go off script and be honest about his family’s loss. Which he does, before directing the crowd’s attention to Mellie, who got it together and put on that dress, after all (Go Abby!). He then turns the conversation back to gun control. Afterward, Mellie crumples to the floor, sobbing, and Fitz comforts her. Finally, he’s acting like a husband.

Jake’s still looking into Harrison’s file, spotting Charlie at one of the restaurants that Harrison and Adnan supposedly visited before being murdered. There’s a knock on the door, and of course, it’s Liv with a bottle of fancy wine. She tells him that it’s not a booty call and that if she wants to summon him, she will. But then, she takes off her trench coat, which turns out to be the only thing she’s wearing, and booty call it is.
uggs discount code State of the Union

childrens uggs State of the City 2017

ugg walking boots State of the City 2017

My colleagues on council, members of the Chamber of Commerce, members of the media, invited guests; it gives me great pleasure to be here today, to share with you the State of our City. I want to thank you all for being here today, especially members of the City of Timmins Administration for their hard work and contributions to the details contained in this speech.

I’d also like to acknowledge and thank the Chamber of Commerce and Northern College for hosting today’s event, and providing me the opportunity to highlight our successes over the past year, as well as speak to some of our challenges.

It gives me great pride to stand before you all today and discuss the great things we have accomplished this year and term. While some decisions will always be met with a level of controversy, we must remind ourselves that where there is no struggle, there is no strength. I believe that through our struggles, we learn to work better as a team, and as a team we have taken some large steps toward re affirming that Timmins is a great place to live, work and play!

Through the execution of various projects, including the first annual Stars Thunder Festival, many of us also discovered new strengths, and I am so proud of the entire City of Timmins team and what we were able to accomplish.

This year’s Small Business Week theme “Future proof your business: Adapting to technology and demographic trends” is also applicable to the City of Timmins as a corporation. In order to keep residents happy and draw visitors into our great city, we must also look ahead and adapt.

Our Community Development Services Department has been busy this year, which indicates we are on the right track for the future of our community.

Building activity in the City remains strong with 398 permits being processed so far in 2017, just 19 permits less than processed last year at this time. Despite this, the value of construction is substantially higher this year as compared to last, with almost $49.2 Million being recorded in 2017, versus $27.1 Million in 2016. The difference can be attributed to more substantial investments in non residential development sector, such as the industrial and institutional sectors. Some of the more significant developments over the past year included continued work on the Best Western Premier Hotel, the Bucket Shop, the Integrated Services Building located on the Northern College campus, the Pope Francis School Addition and office, as well as planned construction at both Tahoe Resources and Calabrian.

The City’s Property Assessment Review Project continues with some impressive results. To date, 8,592 residential properties have been reviewed with 11,164 remaining. The review completed so far has yielded an additional $15.4 Million in new assessment, and a corresponding $255,627 in new and ongoing property taxes to the City of Timmins.

The Museum Renovation Project has now been completed, and the Grand Opening of the site was held on October 17, 2017. The project involved creating a substantial addition to the current Museum space, allowing for a new program room, larger galleries, more collection storage and a new community arts studio. The renovation also permits the co location of the Timmins Economic Development Corporation and Tourism Timmins in the same building while continuing to accommodate HGS operations. This move is anticipated to encourage better use of available space and resources, and to realize synergies between the Museum and Tourism operations. The Museum portion of the project was also the beneficiary of a grant from “Cultural Spaces,” a Federal government program. The grant amount exceeded $500,000, significantly contributing to the project, budgeted at just under $1.1 Million.

The City continues to work on updating its Official Plan and Zoning By law to ensure that it is reflecting the needs of the community as well as new provincial requirements. A Pre consultation meeting has already been held with affected Ministries as well as the hosting of two public input sessions. Approval of Council is anticipated early in 2018.

The City is also working on expanding upon its current Downtown Community Improvement Plan program to include brownfield sites. The enhanced program will help to create incentives for property owners and investors to redevelop existing brownfield sites to encourage significant non residential development investments including large mining projects in our community. Such an expanded Community Improvement Plan would be expected to afford the City with a competitive advantage for attracting new development within the community.

Significant efforts have gone into enhancing the City’s regional parks, including the Hollinger and White Water Parks.

Hollinger Park Recent Improvements:

Upgrading to Hollinger Grandstands

Grinding/leveling of main entrance and parking lot

Lot grading plan completed by AMEC

Park redesign underway by AMEC and Dillon Consulting (based on input received from open house and radio survey total of 255 responses)

Commencement of soil capping project (southern portion of park ballfield)

Future Improvements (2018/19) Almost $1.2 M committed in reserved funding for:

5 year implementation plan for various capital improvements to be determined through the redesign project to be completed in 2017

Capping of the North side of the park

Improvements to the splash padReplacement of the entrance and parking lot

Removal of old sanitary lift station and replacement of maintenance shed

In addition to these larger regional parks, the City has also conducted public input sessions with residents concerning enhancements to a number of neighbourhood open space areas.
childrens uggs State of the City 2017