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Cloudcroft, NM is 107 miles away from the Mexican border and has a resident population of about 850 people with the “greater Cloudcroft” area adding about 2,000 more people. “Cloudcroft” is an old English word meaning covered or shrouded in clouds. Cloudcroft is not normally covered in clouds, however. Instead, the norm is beautiful views and wonderful temperatures, staying cool in the summer and not getting that cold in the winter.

Named by Fodor’s in 2002 as the Number 3 “Most Overlooked and Underrated Destination Spot”, tourism remains the primary economic driver of the village of Cloudcroft. This 110 year old, unique mountain community combines the amenities of modern life with its heritage as a pioneer village. and allows for a relatively mild summer that makes it a popular tourist attraction. You can actually get to almost 9,000 feet by climbing the hill above Burro Street, which is the main street. In the summer, it is a wonderful place to get away from the heat and enjoy the delightful pleasures of the mountains. In the winter, you can explore the vast wonderland of cross country skiing, take a snow mobile, and even ice skate!

See more about Cloudcroft’s history in Around the Area below.

Zenith Park is the location of Cloudcroft’s three festivals. Various arts and crafts are sold from local and regional artists, live music and entertainment is provided, activities and competitions are held, and local civic groups and churches sell traditional fair food. May Fair is seen as the kickoff of the summer tourist season and held on Memorial Day weekend. The weekend following the 4th of July is the July Jamboree, the smallest and newest of the three festivals. In October, the third and final event, Oktoberfest, is celebrated. It has an autumn atmosphere with the local aspen groves turning golden rather than a traditional German Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is seen as a final outdoor event before the winter snow and the close of the traditional tourist season.

The Lodge at Cloudcroft is nestled amongst the cool mountain pines and aspens. At 9,000 feet above sea level, it’s bound to take your breath away. This enchanting retreat offers world class golf, elegant dining, romantic accommodations and unique spa services. The Lodge has 61 well appointed rooms with a Victorian flair. The Lodge Retreat, located across fromThe Lodge, houses four private luxury suites adjoined by a shared kitchen and recreation area. Within walking distance lies the Pavilion Bed and Breakfast Inn. Built in 1899, this restored historic building provides 10 charming rooms with simple yet rustic decor.

Cloudcroft History: In the 1890s, the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad, organized by brothers Charles Bishop Eddy and John Arthur Eddy, arrived in the newly founded town of Alamogordointending to continue the rail line north to the mining town of White Oaks and beyond. This required a steady supply of timber. In 1898 the Eddy brothers sent a survey crew into the Sacramento Mountainsto determine the feasibility of extending a line up the summit to harvest the forests. The crew reported that not only was it possible, but the area could attract visitors. The name ofCloudcroft a pasture for the clouds was suggested and work on the line soon began.

By the end of the year, the rail line had been extended as far as Toboggan Canyon,and construction was started on a pavilion at the summit to provide accommodations for the anticipated tourists. It consisted of a dining room, kitchen, parlor, entertainment hall, and 40 tents set on wooden platforms. In May 1899 the railroad reached Cox Canyonand in June 1899, “The Pavilion” was formally opened by John Eddy. The first visitors rode the train as far as Toboggan and finished the journey by stagecoach. Favorable reports in newspapers quickly made Cloudcroft a popular destination. An additional resort, The Lodge, was built as a more upscale alternative to The Pavilion. The rail line arrived in Cloudcroft in early 1900, and in June 1900 the train depot was finished, located just west of The Pavilion. Meeting the trains became a daily activity in the village, with three arriving each day, bringing lumber, mail, and passengers.

In 1909, The Lodge burned down; it was rebuilt at its present location in 1911. The Pavilion also burned twice in the 1920s, but was rebuilt each time to conform to the original plans.

The Lodge hosted numerous famous guests, includingJudy Garland,Gilbert Roland,Clark Gable, andPancho Villa. In the 1930s the resort was managed byConrad Hilton,who was born and raised inSan Antonio, New Mexico. Hilton was familiar with The Lodge and wanted to be closer to his family as his own hotel chain slowly began its climb to prominence.

As automobiles grew in popularity, the rail line began to lose money. Passenger service ended in 1938, and the last freight train ran in 1947. Since then, tourism in Cloudcroft has grown beyond The Lodge and Pavilion to Burro Street near Highway 82, where many small shops and restaurants are located and where summer street dances are hosted. However, the town’s population has not grown, remaining at between 700 and 800 residents.
ugg boots classic short sale Otero County Homes for Sale and Real Estate

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ugg boots chocolate Oregon falling short on recycling goals

PORTLAND, Ore. The state goals to reduce the amount of waste Oregonians generate and increase the amount recovered were not realized in 2016, according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 2016 Oregon Material Recovery and Waste Generation Report, released Wednesday.

Last year, Oregon recovered 2,266,556 tons of waste, representing 42.6 percent of all waste generated, a decrease from 46.2 percent recovered in 2015. The state goal is to reach 52 percent recovery by 2020.

and composting conserves resources, saves energy and reduces pollution such as greenhouse gas emissions,” said Michelle Shepperd, who has worked on the DEQ report for 25 years. preventing waste from happening in the first place is the best way to protect the environment, proper management of materials at the end of their life makes a big difference.

Several factors contributed to last year fluctuations, the agency said.

With an active economy and construction sector, Oregonians generated more waste than in 2015. However, wood waste recovery was about 89,000 tons less in 2016 than 2015, due to closure of the largest paper mill that accepted wood waste for fuel, and other companies moving to natural gas as a fuel instead of burning wood.

Unexpectedly, cardboard recovery also decreased substantially, falling more than 43,000 tons or nearly 12 percent of the cardboard tonnage recovered in 2015. These factors contributed to the recovery rate continued decline since its peak in 2012.

In 2016, Oregonians generated 5,316,989 tons of waste, up 2.7 percent from 2015. A total of 3,050,432 tons of waste was disposed in landfills and incinerators, a 9.6 percent increase from 2015.

Per capita generation increased by 1.2 percent; missing the state goals of no increase in total generation and no increase in per capita generation. Still, the amount of waste generated in 2016 was 412,000 tons less than the amount generated in the peak year of 2006.

Energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions from materials recovered for recycling, composting and energy recovery in 2016 were significant, DEQ said.

Energy savings were comparable to 216 million gallons of gasoline or roughly 2.8 percent of Oregon total 2016 energy use. Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions were estimated at 2.9 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents or 4.7 percent of net statewide emissions from all sources in 2016. Recycling produced most of these benefits.
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toddler ugg slippers Oregon DMV fees set to rise Jan

uggs kids Oregon DMV fees set to rise Jan

SALEM, Ore. Higher Oregon vehicle registration, title and trip permit fees take effect Jan. 1, providing funding for a major investment in the state transportation system, the Oregon DMV advised Wednsday.

Oregon residents with vehicle tags expiring on or after Jan. 1 will see new registration fees in their renewal reminders starting in November. The fee for two year passenger vehicle registration renewal DMV most common vehicle transaction will go from $86 for two years to $112.

The registration fee is based on the vehicle registration renewal date, not when the fee is paid. DMV mails renewal reminders several weeks before a vehicle tags expire.

Vehicle registration fees, title fees and other motor vehicle related fees, such as fuels taxes and motor carriers weight mile taxes, help support Oregon transportation system statewide and at the local levels.

The increased fees are part of a major funding package to improve our state transportation system and to strengthen our economy. The Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown approved House Bill 2017 to provide Oregonians with improved roads and bridges, more transportation options, and enhanced safety throughout the system.

In addition to the vehicle registration fee increase, the package is funded by increases in other transportation related fees that take effect Jan. 1. They include increases on motor fuel taxes and fees for title transfers and commercial motor vehicles. The bill also creates a 0.5 percent privilege tax on new vehicle purchases, and a $15 fee on new adult bicycles that cost $200 or more.

Here are some transportation system investments your fees will support:

Highway maintenance, preservation, seismic upgrades and safety, including specific construction projects across the state.

Increased funding for small cities and counties.

A Safe Routes to School infrastructure program to reduce barriers and hazards for children walking or bicycling to and from school.

Economic benefits by sustaining jobs, keeping freight moving, and providing a boost to local communities across the state.
toddler ugg slippers Oregon DMV fees set to rise Jan

uggs snow boots Or why Ugg boots for men is a trend we should all stamp out

ugg boots new zealand Or why Ugg boots for men is a trend we should all stamp out

Footnote: Ronnie Wood’s faux pas

With the mild sinking feeling that I reserve for minor oil spills and civil wars in far off countries, I received the news that Ugg boots are being worn by men.

Apparently, ‘A listers’ such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ronnie Wood and assorted Chelsea players are sporting the oversized carpet slippers which were, until recently, heading down the fashion food chain to the point where they’d become the Fulham girl’s footwear of choice.

Before anyone tells me that Uggs were originally worn by real Aussie men, I am fully cognisant of this fact. I know their heritage includes manly sheep shearers, butch bush pilots and sculpted surfers desperate to keep their feet warm.

And that’s great but all these rugged types wore them for reasons of expedience. They did not wear them because they thought they looked remotely cool.

Uggs are frumpy, furry foot sacks. It’s not as if they try to hide it either; the clue for those who don’t hate them on sight is in their admirably forthright name. They suck the glamour out of any outfit.

I was prepared to tolerate them on women. For the gender that has given us everything from foot binding to eight inch heels, a pair of shapeless brown boots are never going to be much more than a minor footnote in the annals of pedestrian stupidity. But guys, why have you decided to put your collective foot in it?

Men wear sensible shoes. We have a terrific, yet economic range of footwear suited to all our masculine needs. For outdoor pursuits such as walking the dog or shooting, we have wellies.

If you’re given to tramping up mountains, I gather there are some nice hiking boots. For beaches, there are flip flops. And for everything else there are shoes (and trainers for the under 25s). I hasten to add that ‘everything else’ includes anything you might do within the M25. Getting mud on your shoes is a novelty for Londoners.

However, we do live in a society where shopping has replaced religion, so I guess it’s about want, not need. Ugg seem to think so and have trained their marketing guns our way. But we shouldn’t want to wear them either. And it’s not that they’re unattractive. No, there are plenty of other good reasons to hate Uggs.

Let’s start by examining the male Uggerati. Leo DiCaprio had chosen to team his new boots with a purple jogging suit; he stands as a warning to us all.

Ronnie Wood, 61,
uggs snow boots Or why Ugg boots for men is a trend we should all stamp out
is pushing the ‘old enough to know better’ envelope that already includes so much of the rest of his life to encompass his feet.

With football players, well, how many sex scandals, brawls and other acts of sundry chaviness do you have to read about to realise that if a footballer is doing something, you probably shouldn’t be. As for Brad Pitt, he seems like a nice guy, so I’m going to assume he was poorly advised.

Hollywood stars Ben Affleck (left) and Bruce Willis have both been spotted wearing Ugg boots

Next, I’d like to play the xenophobia card. When you think of style, where do you imagine? Paris? Milan? Rome? The nice bits of London? Or perhaps you think of the frumpy parts of America and Australia, which are where Uggs come from. Why would you take your fashion cues from there?

Then there is the question of how the boy girl clothing dynamic works. Think about it. She tries on a pair of his boxers too big, but kind of sweet. He puts on her knickers hairy sex pest.

To be fair, Uggs are probably towards the more acceptable end of this spectrum. But that’s because they don’t look particularly good on most women either.

In fact, the only thing Uggs do have going for them is that they are comfortable. But if comfort was the only criteria for selecting our clothes, we’d all be sporting the trailer tracksuit look.

There are plenty of good reasons to choose elegant shoes rather than Ugg boots. But fashion is sufficiently vacuous that a thousand good reasons are often outweighed by the fact that Brad Pitt is wearing them. So are the feet of male Britain about to turn Uggly?

Perhaps, but I believe that most of us will escape this fate. The reason for this is the favour that the amorphous boot finds among footballers.

You see, when a fashion movement has its genesis among the likes of George Clooney and Clive Owen, one can reasonably assume it’ll trickle down through the social hierarchy.

But when a style trend has footballers among its founder members, it usually leapfrogs the middle classes and is embraced by the chavetariat before dying a lingering, painful death in the aisles of Primark.

But in six months time, perhaps you can look forward to being mugged (or Ugged) by a gang of soft boot wearing hoodies. At least the kicking won’t hurt too much.

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uggs snow boots Or why Ugg boots for men is a trend we should all stamp out
‘locked in a bitter custody battle murdered.. Where else would you park your blingmobile? Fleet of.. Girlfriend slashes open her lover’s throat with a Stanley.. MOST READ NEWS Previous.

classic short chestnut uggs Oprah’s Favourite Footwear Is Here To Stay

mini leather ugg boots Oprah’s Favourite Footwear Is Here To Stay

What do Oprah, Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reaves, Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham, Cat Deeley, Minnie Driver, Danni Minogue, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Shawn Wayans, the Spielberg family, and plenty more celebrities have in common? Aside from the obvious, they, and millions of Australians, all own a pair of the most comfortable footwear in the world sheepskin ugg boots.

Oprah loves her ugg boots so much that she featured them on an episode of her popular show entitled Oprah’s Favourite Things 2005. Kate Hudson wore a pair of trendy ugg boots on the poster for the movie Raising Helen. Pamela Anderson is said to have started a Californian ugg boots craze when she wore her ugg boots on the set of Baywatch. The list of celebrities bitten by the ugg boot craze goes on and on.

So, of course, the question is, are ugg boots a short lived fad that will pass like platform heeled footwear, flared pants, big hair and other fashionable boots, or are they here to stay? The fact of the matter is that those who buy ugg boots to be seen as part of the latest sheepskin inspired fashion craze will probably move on when the next footwear fashion, sheepskin or otherwise, comes along. The majority however, will likely grow so attached to their ugg boots’ perfect fit, comfortable sheepskin warmth in winter,
classic short chestnut uggs Oprah's Favourite Footwear Is Here To Stay
and practical usefulness as around the house footwear in summer, that they will regard their ugg boots as essential to their wardrobe as their pair of trusty denims.

Like denim jeans, sheepskin ugg boots had their beginnings many years ago, long before they became fashion accessories. Originating down under in Australia, Australian surfers have worn ugg boots on cold mornings heading out to catch an early wave for as far back as any can remember. Known for generations by many names ugg boots, ugh boots, ug boots, uggys, uggs, winter sheepskin boots, or simply as sheepskin footwear, Australians still regard the trusty ugg boot to be as much a part of Australian history and culture as Vegemite, AC/DC and a slab of beers slung over the shoulder on the way to a barbie at a mate’s house.

Now that sheepskin ugg boots are a fashion statement as much as they are winter sheepskin footwear, they’re available in many new and trendy variations. In addition to the original sheepskin leather, you can now buy ugg boots in blue, pink, beige, sand, black and chestnut, to match your personality, outfit, or fashion statement objective. Not just Aussie souvenir gifts anymore, ugg boots are personal comfort and fashion essentials.

If you follow the care instructions, your ugg boots could well outlast your favourite denims. The ugg boot’s soft sheepskin fleece molds to the shape of its wearer’s foot, making for a perfect fit. When you put on your own uggs, you know it’s your pair of ugg boots, because the sheepskin inside the boot shapes to fit your own foot perfectly, just the same as your denim jeans shape to your body.

Look after your sheepskin ugg boots, and they will remain your favourite item of clothing, long after winter is past, and the next big footwear fashion has arrived.
classic short chestnut uggs Oprah's Favourite Footwear Is Here To Stay

classic short black ugg boots Oprah’s Favorite Things Hits Big This Holiday Season

baby boy uggs uk Oprah’s Favorite Things Hits Big This Holiday Season

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular talk show hosts in American television history. As her show enters its 21rst season, she has millions of viewers who tune in each day. One of her most popular segments is her “Favorite Things” holiday show. During this show, Oprah shares with the studio and television audience some of her favorite things including jewelry, gadgets and vacation getaways.

People love this show because on the “Favorite Things” episode, audience members get the extravagant gifts that Oprah displays. Around 300 audience members are showered with gifts each holiday episode. The amount varies, but Oprah audience members can each expect to receive between $4,000 and $15,000 worth of gifts. But, Oprah is a big winner as well. The 2004 episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” had the highest ratings ever for a “Favorite Things” episode and was the second highest rated episode for the season.

Oprah has been doing her “Favorite Things” episode since 1999. Guests received a set of Illumination Ritual Candles, each one to inspire different feelings like love, peace and passion and each candle contained a tiny gemstone inside. The 12 candle set was valued at $169.95. Dog owners were no doubt thrilled with the Fifi and Romeo Pet Clothing ($150 and up) one of Oprah’s favorite things of 1999. One of the most extravagant gifts that year was a Susan Abbott Personalized Painting, ranging from $5,000 and up.

In 2000, Oprah added many hi tech gadgets like the Motorola Talkabout pager (priced at $179), so audience members could receive email while on the go. Another favorite thing from 2000 was the book equivalent of the iPod, the Gemstar REB1100 eBook from RCA ($299). The Gemstar let users download up to 8,000 book pages, so they never had to carry around a book again.

The BlissLabs Glamour Gloves ($44) and Gel ($22) was one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2002. The Panasonic 4 in 1 Digital Camera from Frontgate ($449) was also a big hit that year. The camera, the size of a credit card, takes pictures and video, but can also be used as a MP3 player and audio recorder.

In 2003, Oprah decided to do two episodes of her favorite things segment one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Spring audience members got an Apple iPod ($399), Silhouette Minimal X Sunglasses ($175 $250), and a Hewlett Packard Digital Camera, Printer and Dock (total value $730) among other items. Fall audience members racked up with UGG Classic Short Boots ($110), a Philip Stein Teslar Watch ($595), and a Sony DCR DVD200 Handycam ($1000).

2004 was a very special Favorite Things segment for Oprah. She convinced 300 teachers to attend her show, under the premise of talking about education and a teacher’s daily routine. Instead, she surprised them with the Favorite Things episode. The teachers received gifts such as a Sony VAIO S260 notebook computer, a Dell 30″ wide screen LCD television, a Maytag Neptune Top Load Washer and Drying Center, and a trip for two to the exclusive Miraval Resort and Spa. Total gift amount for each teacher was about $15,000 much more than the previous year total of $4,800. Oprah, a supporter of education and teachers, knew the teachers were worth every penny.

In 2005, Oprah decided to make her favorite things audience up of Katrina relief workers. Among the gifts were Sony VAIO FJ Notebook, Kashwre Shawl Collar Robe, BlackBerry 7105TTM from T Mobile, and a couple of Oprah’s favorites from 2004, UGG Australia’s Uptown Boot and an Apple iPod. While considerably less than the year before, the 2005 recipients still received over $7,000 worth of items.

Probably due in part to Oprah’s television audience as well as her personal appeal, each year the manufacturer’s of the items found on Oprah’s favorite things donate all the gifts. But they reap great benefits from doing so. They get television exposure and an immediate increase in sales after each episode. Companies like Sephora and Macy’s have both publically stated that as soon as Oprah mentions one of their products, people are coming in the stores in droves to get it.

So in the end, it is a win win situation. The manufacturers see increased sales, the audience gets great gifts, and Oprah just keeps on getting more and more popular with her viewing audience.
classic short black ugg boots Oprah's Favorite Things Hits Big This Holiday Season

office ugg sale Oprah Tops Forbes List of the Highest

ugg toddler Oprah Tops Forbes List of the Highest

Never mind the Ugg Boots and the sweater capes and the free trips to Australia, if we were Oprah, one of our favourite things would be topping Forbes’ annual Highest Earning Women in Entertainment list year after year. What can we say? We treasure consistency. And money.

Forbes just released their latest rankings, and Oprah has topped it again earning $290 million US during the magazine’s period of eligibility. (They run their tally from May 2010 to May 2011).

Winfrey’s day time talk show wrapped in May, though. And as Forbes notes, that long running program made more money for Winfrey than any of her various O branded what nots. We’ve come to expect Oprah on top of this listicle just as surely as we’ve come to expect Santa at Christmas and pants wettings during tapings of the Favourite Things episode. Will this year mark the end of an infotainment tradition?

Even so, we’d like to think she can always take consolation in knowing she smoked the competition by a full $200 million in 2011. Lady Gaga, with $90 million, is at the No. 2 spot.

There’s another big jump between No. 2 and 3. With $55 million in earnings is Bethenny Frankel a reality TV “Real Housewife” who, Forbes notes, made the bulk of that listicle worthy figure by hocking stuff like margarita mix under her Skinnygirl brand.

Behind her in fourth place there’s a four way tie, so if you ever wondered what Gisele Bundchen, Ellen DeGeneres,
office ugg sale Oprah Tops Forbes List of the Highest
Taylor Swift and Judge Judy might ever have in common, the answer is a $45 million pay day.

Forbes’ figures, the magazine notes, are estimates that are meant to represent the celebs’ gross incomes before taxes, manager fees and the like.

Who else made their list this year? Check out our gallery of the Top 10 here.

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office ugg sale Oprah Tops Forbes List of the Highest

ugg boots leather uk Oprah Favorite Things What Made Her 2014 List

ugg boots black friday Oprah Favorite Things What Made Her 2014 List

It’s official: The holiday season has begun. And why, you may ask, are we saying this on today of all days? Because Oprah Winfrey said so, that’s why.

On Tuesday morning the former talk show titan released her annual Favorite Things list. A tradition that not only marks the beginning of the shopping season but also the moment her fans have their seasonal screaming fits.

Not surprisingly, most of the list reads like one giant splurge. So while you probably won’t be able to afford the whole thing even most of it still worth clicking through. Think of it as inspirational if you must.

Being that this is Oprah, there are tons of Oprah products in this year’s gift guide including her new book What I Know for Sure, her Starbucks Chai tea collection, her co produced film The Hundred Foot Journey, her meditation DVDs and a shirt from the Peace Love Oprah line.

But it’s not only about Winfrey, she also name drops a few of her celebrity friends. For example, she loves the Yoga Tablet created by Lenovo and Ashton Kutcher, raves about gold rimmed plates by pal Nate Berkus and hints that she will be gifting buddy Jimmy Kimmel the adorable baby basket.

And of course Gayle King is up in the mix as well. Oprah’s lifelong BFF is a fan of the knit hats, smoked salmon and some special jams this time around.
ugg boots leather uk Oprah Favorite Things What Made Her 2014 List

bicester village ugg Online trader and prisons campaigner caught with stash of fake clothes

mens ugg trainers Online trader and prisons campaigner caught with stash of fake clothes

Nicholas McNamara, prosecuting on behalf of Lancashire trading standards, said officers attended Pounder’s home on September 23 last year and discovered the counterfeit goods in Miss Rickwood’s bedroom.

Pounder pleaded guilty to specimen charges involving an Adidas tracksuit, sweatshirt and pair of shirts, Ugg boots and Nike trainers.

“These offences are committed at a cost to genuine manufacturers and retailers who find it difficult to compete with these counterfeits,” added Mr McNamara.

David Lawson, defending, said Pounder’s operation was “not sophisticated” and had been carried out because she was short of cash.

Her only income was through benefits, including a carer’s allowance for her daughter, who had a number of difficulties.

The defendant recalled the clothes retailers of Cheetham Hill, from her youth, and decided to sell on some of their cheap merchandise via Facebook.

Pounder has been an ardent prisons campaigner fafter the death of her 14 year old son, Adam Rickwood, in a secure facility in the north east in 2004. He is one of the youngest inmates to die in custody in the UK.
bicester village ugg Online trader and prisons campaigner caught with stash of fake clothes

ugg boots clearance Online posts aimed at Wise get personal

ugg baby boots Online posts aimed at Wise get personal

URBANA The messages of support for Chancellor Phyllis Wise came in all day. Emails. Phone calls. Even a bouquet of flowers from an anonymous alum with a card saying, “I support you.”

They were responding to angry tweets posted by students upset with Wise’s decision to hold classes Monday in the face of frigid wind chills including some messages that were overtly racist and sexist.

Wise sent out a message to the UI community Sunday evening, saying that classes and operations would proceed as scheduled Monday and urging students and employees to use caution during the extreme cold.

The Twitter sphere erupted almost immediately, creating a hashtag, or comment group, with a profanity and Wise’s first name.

The initial comments mostly complained about the decision “I’ll go to class if Phyllis walks with me,” etc.

But the comments degenerated into personal attacks “Yo Phyllis, if people die, that’s on you” and took on racist and sexist tones. One compared her to Hitler.

“Asians and women aren’t responsible for their actions,” one wrote.

Other Twitter users disturbed by the nature of the attacks jumped in to chastise the commenters, and at least one account was deleted. Several discussion threads on Reddit also took up the issue, some bringing in the Chief Illiniwek debate.

“It was truly disappointing to wake up (Monday) morning to see such negativity shrouding my alma mater in racism and sexism by the student body,” tweeted former student trustee David Pileski, one of many alumni who weighed in.

Students on campus Monday said the discussion went too far.

“I thought it was disgusting and embarrassing,” said Hannah Ellis, who added, “It’s honestly not that bad outside.”

Some students did say they felt it was too cold to hold classes, though most appeared to be showing up for classes, and bus stops were crowded as usual. One student was spotted wearing flip flops.

“I thought last week was worse than this week,” said Mojtaba Fallahpour, a postdoc in engineering, waiting for a bus outside the Illini Union.

Bus rider Lenny Smoliak disagreed: “It’s really cold. I’m kind of uncomfortable. A half dozen angry parents also called to complain, according to UI spokeswoman Robin Kaler.

On Facebook, UI senior Brett Wallace posted an email he sent to Wise arguing it was dangerous for students to walk 15 minutes to class in wind chills of 20 to 30 degrees below zero. He asked Wise to walk to class with him on Monday morning if she didn’t change her mind.

Wallace said the email was “a little tongue in cheek,” and he didn’t expect a response.

“It was worth a shot,” he said, adding that he attended his classes Monday. “I pay all this money to attend the university. I’m going to attend.”

But Wallace distanced himself from the “racist bigotry” of the social media comments.

A counter petition was started Monday apologizing to Wise and urging students to “let your peers know that this behavior is unrepresentative of our university and that it cannot be tolerated.”

The fact that several other colleges and universities around the state closed including Illinois State University, Western Illinois University, Northern Illinois University and Heartland College added fuel to the fire.

Kaler was alerted by IT early Monday that several fake Phyllis Wise accounts had also popped up overnight on Twitter. They had been removed by the time Kaler responded. One fake post said Wise would be giving away snow cones on the Quad Tuesday.

The UI has canceled classes just a handful of times over the years.

Wise said the final decision is her’s, but she consults with a 27 member campus emergency operations committee with representatives from the president’s office, public safety, student affairs, the provost’s office, McKinley Health Center and UI Facilities and Services.
ugg boots clearance Online posts aimed at Wise get personal