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The Fiddes family (pictured) are used to their life of luxury in their mansion Wiltshire. They were shocked to find out what life was like on a Southampton council estate

The family, from Southampton, also have daughter Olivia, eight, and has struggled to make ends meet since mental health unit worker Kim was left unable to walk due to an accident at work, reports The Sun.

The Fiddes live in a luxury six bedroom mansion in Royal Wootton Bassett , Wiltshire and spend 192 on their weekly food shop nearly five times the Leamons’ usual 40 spend.

When viewing the receipt, a shocked Mr Leamon says,’That’s 16.20 just on avocados.’

To which Ms Leamon, who has been left housebound after an operation left her with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, replies:’Freddie’s school shoes doesn’t cost that much.’

The programme follows the family as Mr Leamon surprises his wife by hiring a mobility scooter and takes them on a day out to Thorpe Park.

Mr Leamon told the Sun Online:’We hired a mobility scooter and that meant Kim could get out and about with us and we went to Thorpe Park which costs an arm and a leg, but to have Kim there with me was brilliant.

‘I got a bit emotional thinking about it because we don’t do much as a family and it was a joy to see my wife smile. She never smiles to be honest because she is always in pain.

‘Even though she couldn’t go on any rides, it was wonderful to have her there.’

Since Ms Leamon’s accident,
ugg boots for men up family swap lives with millionaires for Channel 5
it has fallen on her husband to provide for the family and he has been responsible for household chores, which he manages to fit around his job as an emergency call handler for a helpline for the elderly.

He said the couple’s children have done their best to help and revealed he warns them to call him should their mother fall ill while he is out.

Mr Leamon has suffered his own health problems and was signed off work due to a suspected angina attack.

He also suffered two family bereavements, leading to a decline in his mental health. And he claims his week leading Mr Fiddes’ life had one stand out benefit the marital arts class.

Mr Leamon, who met his wife when he was 17 and she was 16, credited the one hour class with relieving his stress.

And he also welcomed spending the week surrounding by the gorgeous Wiltshire countryside and not his noisy council estate.

Wealthy Mr Fiddes boasted about the fact he let 20 notes fly out of his car and did not even think about chasing after them but was humbled after spending a week on a council estate

After having a taste of the millionaire lifestyle including getting behind the wheel of Mr Fiddes’ luxury Bentley Mr Leamon reflected on his dream of becoming a professional footballer, which was ended by injury.

On the flipside, the Fiddes were shocked when they were put into the Leamons’ shoes and found their weekly budget would barely stretch to filling up Mr Fiddes’s Bentley with fuel.

Wealthy Mr Fiddes also boasted about the fact he let 20 notes fly out of his car and did not even think about chasing after them.

But after spending the weekon a council estate, the Fiddes were humbled by the lives the Leamons lead.

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ugg boots for men up family swap lives with millionaires for Channel 5
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