ugg kensington unusual nickname for Cameron Diaz

mini ugg boots unusual nickname for Cameron Diaz

Child star Drew and Cameron have been close pals since they were teenagers and Drew who claims she doesn have a lot of famous friends revealed she still uses the unusual nickname for Cameron.

She told Marie Claire magazine: “I never felt comfortable with this, sort of, camaraderie of famous people. I known Poo Poo [Cameron Diaz] since I was 14 years old.

“We just happened to know each other before her career started, and I was working in a coffeehouse trying to refigure out my life. So in a weird way, it doesn even count with us.”

Drew who has daughters Olive, three, and Frankie,
ugg kensington unusual nickname for Cameron Diaz
22 months with her husband Will Kopelman also revealed that she leaves the glitz and glamour of Hollywood behind when she is not working.

She said: “I went to parent night, and I wore some lipstick and concealer, and I thought the people at school looked at me kind of differently. I normally come with acne, and Ugg boots, and I thought they were like, that nice, she made a little bit of an effort. Related Items Drew Barrymore happier neglecting work for kids Drew Barrymore suffered from postpartum depression Cameron Diaz on age shaming: I won accept it Drew Barrymore doing her best after splitting from husband

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ugg kensington unusual nickname for Cameron Diaz