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Vetrone, the senior member of Bill Bayno’s staff, has received a letter from the NCAA stating he is not being investigated by the NCAA enforcement staff for recruiting improprieties. Furthermore, no investigation is pending.

The letter, dated May 27, was sent to Vetrone by Rebecca Wempe, Director for the NCAA Infractions Committees. The one paragraph letter states: “I am writing to confirm that the NCAA Committee on Infractions has made no findings of any NCAA violations on your part.”

Vetrone refused comment Wednesday, directing all questions to his attorney, Steve Stein.

“Basically, he has been exonerated,” Stein said. “I know the NCAA. If there’s something there, they’d find it. But I wasn’t concerned because there wasn’t zilch on Shoes.”

Last July,
ugg loafers UNLV assistant cleared
Sports Illustrated mentioned Vetrone in an investigative story about alleged cheating on college entrance exams by incoming college freshmen. The story alleged that Vetrone assisted players in obtaining fraudulent scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT).

The story also mentioned two UNLV athletes linked to Vetrone, Kevin Simmons and Lamar Odom. The magazine questioned the validity of Simmons’ and Odom’s test scores.

Simmons played for the Rebels this year. Odom, who had signed a national letter of intent to play for UNLV in April 1997, asked for and was granted a release after the SI piece appeared.

Odom Wednesday announced he was forgoing next week’s NBA draft to attend Rhode Island and play for the Rams next season after sitting out this past year.

At the time of the SI story, Vetrone vehemently denied the charges. He has remained silent ever since while maintaining his innocence throughout.

“It has been a very stressful time for Greg and his family, especially in the beginning,” Stein said. “I was very, very concerned for his reputation because I know the NCAA isn’t fair. They’re like Nazi Germany.

“But when they cleared Lamar and they cleared Kevin, it proved that Shoes was whistle clean. In this case, there was no downside. And once he got the letter (from the NCAA), he was able to really relax.”

Vetrone has been a candidate for a couple of jobs, most recently as an assistant at Seton Hall. Stein requested the letter to clear up any questions about Vetrone’s status with the NCAA.

Stein said despite being vindicated,
ugg loafers UNLV assistant cleared
his client doesn’t intend to pursue litigation against the magazine.

“Why wave a red flag in front of the bull?” Stein said. “Why have your entire life opened up in front of the whole world? It’s not worth it.

“The important thing is that the NCAA doesn’t think Greg did anything wrong and he has that from them in writing.”Calendar 16 Sat17 Sun18 Mon19 Tue20 Wed .