ugg boots brown old boy calls 911 after his father overdoses

glitter ugg boots old boy calls 911 after his father overdoses

‘I think my dad is dead’: Heartbreaking 911 call of 8 year old boy whose father overdosed on heroin in car next to his three children

Boy, 8, called 911 after his father passed out in a parking lot in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on WednesdayTearfully told dispatcher he was worried his father was dead as he tried to wake himThe boy’s father was found slumped over the driver’s seat around 5.45pm Boy was in the car with his two younger brothers, who are four and six years oldA Good Samaritan walked by and gave dispatchers the exact addressParamedics revived father at scene; he will face charges upon hospital releaseByChristopher’s father was slumped over the driver’s seat and the keys were still in the ignition of the car, parked in front of a school district building in Waukesha.

The boy’s two younger brothers, aged four and six, were also in the backseat.

An eight year old boy called 911 after his father allegedly overdosed on heroin in this parking lot behind theWaukesha School District administration building in Wisconsin

Dispatchers worked to figure out where the boy was, asking Christopher to describe the area around him.

‘Do you know exactly where you are?’ one dispatcher asked him.

‘No, I have no clue,’ replied Christopher.

‘Are you able to describe what is around you right now?’ the dispatcher asked.

‘There’s a lot of trees,’ Christopher replied,
ugg boots brown old boy calls 911 after his father overdoses
also describing that he was by a building with large windows and saw houses located behind a fence.

As dispatchers worked to use GPS to ping the family’s location, a Good Samaritan stopped by to help Christopher, according to WISN.

The man gave the dispatcher the exact address of the Waukesha School District administration building and described the scary scene.

‘The father is in the driver seat slumped over,’ he told them. ‘Not responding or anything.’

‘I don’t know what’s going on. I just walked in to a meeting. Doesn’t look good, if you could get someone here that’d be great.’

The Good Samaritan took Christopher’s father’s pulse and found out he was alive.

Two minutes after Christopher rang 911, first responders were at the scene.

Paramedics helped Christopher’s father regain consciousness and he was taken to a hospital for further treatment, according to TMJ4.

Investigators believe he had used drugs in the car. He will face charges as soon as he is released.

Christopher and his younger brothers were handed over to their mother.

Waukesha police hailed Christopher for his quick thinking and bravery.

‘Just a great job by the eight year old,’ Lt Kevin Rice told WISN.

‘Unbelievable maturity in his ability to recognize his dad was in distress and to do the right thing and literally save his dad’s life.

‘The real tragedy here,’ he added, ‘Is these children had to witness their father go through a drug overdose.’

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ugg boots brown old boy calls 911 after his father overdoses