ugg shops uk Fashion classics that every grown

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With its air of executive chic and ability to walk the tightrope between conservative and sexy, the trench coat suits the older woman. Think Kim Novak and wear your trench with a headscarf, large shades and lipstick youre revealing nothing and you look drop dead gorgeous!

Although the trench has a belt, dont buckle it just tie it at the waist like Kim Cattrall (right) in Sex and the City. If you havent got much of a waist and it feels too bulky, leave it open.

Make sure the epaulettes end at the shoulder seam and the button centre vent at the back doesnt pull open when you fasten it, otherwise your bum will stick out.

Go for the double breasted Burberry, not the single breasted with the placket front. There are lots of high street copies but steer clear of any attempting a Burberry esque check lining. It will look too sad.

Your trench should be longer than any skirt underneath. The only exception is a pencil skirt under a mini trench worn with heels.

Jeans go with a trench like caviar and sour cream, so feel free to channel your inner Lauren Hutton.

As worn by seasoned stylistas such as Penlope Cruz, Claudia Schiffer, Catherine Deneuve and US Vogues editor Anna Wintour (left). Classic French chic makes the young look as if theyre dressing up in mummys clothes, while the older woman looks like she can take on the world.


You could go the whole Chanel route and accessorise with a black quilted leather and chain handbag, two tone slingbacks and a camellia corsage, but it is a little Ivana Trump.

The pale pink version suits every skin tone.

If you havent got the funds for Chanel, stores such as Marks Spencer sell convincing high street takes.

A real Chanel suit may be outrageously pricey, but its the little details, such as the weighted hem of the jacket, that make authentic Chanel so luxe. This is a suit that will last for ever and never date.

Katharine Hepburn (right) knew the right trousers are wide enough to fall in a straight line from hip to floor and have a zip at the side rather than the front. This shape suits everybody.

The key to finding the trousers that suit you best is, unfortunately, to try lots on. Getting the lie of the crotch right is crucial or youll find yourself revealing a little too much information about your most private of areas. Different designers use different pattern blocks, so its a process of trial and error to find the particular one for you, but when youve found it, your trouser problems are sorted for life!

This shape can be glammed up with wedges. Classic white or black plimsolls, or Converse trainers look cool as cucumber in summer.

A white shirt freshens up the older womans complexion by throwing light up to the face. To see just how fantastic it can be, check out Rosamund Pike (left).


Go for a darted semi fitted or fitted one rather than a classic dress shirt, as they can make the most petite heroine look bulky.

Shoulder seams should line up with your shoulders, buttons must never pull across the front and any bust line darts should fall below the centre of the bust.

You should be able to shoot your cuffs without them pulling away at the wrist.

Leave at least two buttons open to reveal a hint of dcolletage.

Sigourney Weaver (right) wears hers everywhere, teamed with wide legged trousers or an evening dress, while Sheryl Crow sports cashmere cardigans with nothing underneath and a pair of skinny jeans. Under 30s need not apply, as this look suits the older woman best its the epitome of discreet chic. Every grown up girl has the right to a cashmere cardigan wear with a long evening skirt in shantung silk or a strappy silk slip dress.

Cashmere comes in different grades: the higher the grade, the better the cashmere. Your cardigan will be more expensive, but it will last longer and pill less. Similarly, the higher the ply, the weightier and more expensive it is.

To kill off any moths and also make your cashmere pill less when worn, bag it up and store it in the freezer from time to time.

The care label may read dry clean only, but cashmere aficionados believe handwashing a cashmere jumper makes it softer over time.

Maxis are multifunctional and the ultimate in comfort, yet incredibly fashion forward, as actress Tilda Swinton effortlessly proves here. They also hide a multitude of sins. Wear with a smart cardigan, shades and an oversized bag trs chic!

For winter, take one black maxi dress, and team with a cropped black leather jacket and biker boots. Go on, I dare you!

Voluptuous girls really suit an empire line. Dawn French never looked better than when parodying Catherine Zeta Jones in a black, bejewelled empire line maxi.
ugg shops uk Fashion classics that every grown