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guess i’ll just have to try them on and see!

i’m really looking for something casual but not bulky. i hardly ever dress up, always in blue jeans and my clark wallabees or danskos but sometimes i feel frompy in those shoes and want something slightly more streamlined. do you have any suggestions as to what would fit the bill? i have the hardest time finding casual shoes. dressy boots and shoes are a cinch they’re all so cute! but casual, comfortable nice looking shoes are almost impossible for me!

thanks everyone for the advice. thanks for that site dreamweavin. i “like” it! catrinac, i see what you mean about the fringe. it’s everywhere now so it seems to just be a somewhat trendy thing (that may last a few weeks, haha), but i’m not as much worried about that as i am making sure they’re good looking w/ my blue jeans and comfortable. i’m not too trendy. haha. i’ve been wearing danskos and wallabees for years and i don’t think those are very trendy.

i’ll keep searching, but may go by dsw and try on the mocs and boots to see what i think. i think the minnetonkas may be too low for my jeans, as in my jeans may drag the ground. i’m short so i shouldn’t go for flat shoes, but i hate walking in heels. i’m not as worried about the height of the shoes (ankle vs. knee) b/c i’ll put my jeans over them and won’t see them. maybe while i’m at dsw i’ll find something i really love!
ugg bags and purses Fashion and Beauty