uggs on sale womens Fall allergy season could be a long one

uggs trainers Fall allergy season could be a long one

NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH) Warm temperatures have ragweeds flourishing in the wild. An ominous sign for allergy sufferers.

“This is a bad one, ” a bad fall allergy season says specialist Dr. Richard Weiss with Connecticut ENT Sinus and Allergy.

“Ragweed is continuing to grow so as long as it’s growing and those plants are getting bigger there’s going to be more pollen. the wind blows them around. People are going to get more allergy symptoms this fall.”

John says, “I feel this puffiness in my eyes and I experience fatigue. Everything is up the weeds, the tree pollen”

So he relies on allergy drops.

The customized cocktail based on his allergy testing and symptoms brings relief.

“It’s every three months,” says John, “they test you again, they up the strength on it so you’re actually building up your immune system I guess and fights off the normal allergies.”

Studies show the tailored made treatment is indeed effective.

Dr. Weiss says, “We’re seeing more and more evidence that allergy drops are as effective as shots some of the pharmaceutical companies are getting into the act they are actually coming out with different pills for different allergies.”

For patients with milder allergies, Dr. Weiss says,
uggs on sale womens Fall allergy season could be a long one
keep the A/C going and windows closed.

He explains, “People think the fall is here, and we open the windows, get that fresh air in, and that’s probably the wrong thing to do if you’re an allergic patient.”

And, if you’re doing a lot of yard work, Dr. Weiss says, “Don’t bring those boots and clothing into your home because that’s full of pollen, and mold spores, and all sorts of things that you can be allergic to so you want to leave the shoes outside,
uggs on sale womens Fall allergy season could be a long one
remove those clothes maybe in the garage.”