black leather ugg boots expands offerings of children’s clothes accessories

black leather ugg boots uk expands offerings of children’s clothes accessories

Kerrytown offered the rest of its two story space on the corner of Fifth and Kingsley to Elephant Ears, tripling their space from 1500 to 5800 square feet.

was both exciting and overwhelming, says Cyrulnik. was amazing how we were able to fill the store. We went from having six to 10 strollers on the floor to close to 100.

The upstairs is filled with all kinds of gear including breast pumps, baby gates, rockers, cribs, rugs, baby carriers, bath wear, toys and their gift registry service. Popular brands include UPPAbaby strollers, Recaro car seats and Peg Perego the mainstream.

They even sell double and bunk beds for teenagers, including an organic locally made waterproof mattress for $250. sell a lot of furniture for all ages, says Cyrulnik.

The downstairs is packed full of boys and girls clothing from layette up to size 16, as well as a full shoe department offering such high end options as Ugg boots.

Matt and Jenna Cyrulnik own the store.

The driving factor for the couple when selecting merchandise is that it is cute first and foremost and made under fair trade practices. made or even better Michigan made and organic.

want to know where it made and how it made, says Cyrulnik, who explains that their store is no more expensive than the Gap at the mall.

have plenty of dresses that are $22 $28 that are unique,
black leather ugg boots expands offerings of children's clothes accessories
well made, and you don see everywhere. couple philosophy for the store came out of their own experience when their son, now 9, was born.

we had our first child, my wife and I went to Babies R Us with the [registry] gun to pick out baby items, explains Cyrulnik. hated it; we hated all the big plastic stuff we got; there was nothing we got that we liked.

our daughter, who is now 7, came along, we said to ourselves that Generations was there on Main Street and doing okay but too small to accommodate much wardrobe, and that was it. There was no place else to go in Washtenaw County.

” You could only order online which we try to get people not to do; I think it the downfall of America.

So when the children apparel store Keedo in Kerrytown was going out of business, the Cyrulniks took over the lease. They launched Elephant Ears to offer people a local place to get more and thoughtful baby and children items outside of the mass marketers, according to Cyrulnik.

A key component to their business plan is top notch customer service. a baby is an overwhelming experience, and we can walk our customers through it. We can tell them if this baby jogger has a good fold or if that stroller gives the baby proper positioning.
black leather ugg boots expands offerings of children's clothes accessories