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Please join our Facebook group in order to enable more and more people into the world of 3D prototyping: Curiosity Facebook GroupCo developed with the Poly University of Hong Kong, the Curiosity is an easy to assemble educational 3D printer which offers a super low cost platform for educational purposes. 3D printing closes the gap between an idea or inspiration and the first prototype and enables people of all ages and backgrounds to make the leap to become an inventor!

However, since most 3D printers still cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars,
ugg store locator EWaste Educational 3D Printer
the price has remained a huge barrier for most schools, parents, educators and kids.

Ensure you have the necessary skills to carry out the work, or enlist the help of someone who does. Work on a firm table or bench in a clean dry well lit area. Observe tool safety and anti static precautions (see below). These components are fully tested with the other electrical items before packing the kit, and wrapped in protective anti static packaging. Damage by electrostatic discharges during unpacking,
ugg store locator EWaste Educational 3D Printer
assembly and normal use is not covered under our warranty. You should therefore observe reasonable anti static precautions which are widely published on the internet. For a short and simple overview see Antistatic Precautions for Electronic Components on eBay.